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May 27

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With summer approaching, many women want to know if they can tan if they have had breast augmentation surgery. Tanning at salons or sunbathing will not hurt your breast implant, but it may make your scars unfavourable. You should cover your scars with sunscreen should you choose to tan, until your scars have faded.


May 17

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How do you decide on placement of...

Your breast implants may be placed either partially under the pectoralis major muscle (submuscular) or on top of the muscle and directly beneath the breast (subglandular). When breast implants are placed subglandularly, it can make your breast augmentation surgery shorter and reduce the recovery time. Possible disadvantages could be having your implant edges more visibly noticeable under your skin. Also, imaging during mammography may be more difficult when your breast implants are placed subglandularly. Placing breast implants submuscularly may provide you with a more youthful-looking breast for a longer time, may reduce the chances of…

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What Is Involved In Having a Tummy Tuck

Women often ask me what is involved in having a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty. I explain to them that an abdominoplasty is a procedure to remove excess skin and fat from the abdomen, and to tighten the muscles of the abdominal wall. This surgery is helpful in women who, through multiple pregnancies or significant weight loss, have stretched their abdominal muscles and skin beyond the point where they can return to normal. (more…)

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