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Jun 20

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With many patients wishing to go south for the holidays, we are often asked if they can sunbathe if they have had breast augmentation surgery.  Tanning salons or sunbathing will not hurt your breast implant, but it may affect your scars.  For optimal results, you should avoid sun exposure or wear sunscreen over your incisions. Speak with Dr. Niessen and see if breast augmentation is right for you!


Jun 1

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Saline Breast Augmentation

Dr. Niessen offers both types of saline implants.  We offer 1) Round Style Breast Implant To accommodate various body types, the round shape is available in a wide variety of sizes. Round breast implants are available in two different shells: smooth and textured. Smooth surface breast implants are less likely to be felt through the skin and tissue and have a slightly softer shell. 2)  Contour Style Breast Implant These saline-filled breast implants feature a contoured  shape that re-creates the more teardrop outline of a natural looking  breast.  Women who are looking for a gently sloping…

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