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Jan 20

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We had a patient in our office for a consultation on Thursday who wished to obtain more information about breast implant surfaces. We explained that breast implant shells have a smooth or textured surface. Textured breast implants were originally designed to help reduce the chance of capsular contracture, which is the formation of scar tissue around the implant. However, clinical studies involving large numbers of women using Mentor implants show no difference in the liklihood of developing capsular contracture with textured implants compared to smooth surfaced implants. Also, textured implants may be more palpable (more easily felt or recognizable) than smooth implants. Factors such as implant placement (subglandular implants are more palpable than submuscular), and the amount of existing breast tissue can influence how palpable an implant is. Smooth surfaced implants are less likely to be felt through the skin and tissue.

In the end, she preferred a smooth round saline-filled moderate profile breast implant for her breast augmentation.

Let Dr. Niessen help you decide which breast implant is best for you.

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