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Dec 31

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You may remember that three weeks ago Dr. Niessen treated three patients with lipolysis injections. I contacted all three patients, who were already thrilled with their results! Upon initial Lipodissolve treatment, they all described a stinging sensation that quickly subsided, and some swelling. In all three patients, the swelling has resolved and they all notice a definite improvement. Their skin appears to have smoothed, as the fat-melting injections worked. In one patient who had Lipodissolve to her abdominal area, she has noticed a 2 inch reduction in her abdominal cirfumference, and it is only going to get better!

We will see them again in our office in 3-4 weeks to determine if they will require an additional treatment. Finally, something that treats cellulite! I will keep you posted.

Happy New Year!

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