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  • Is Dr. Niessen a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon?

    Dr. Niessen is Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons (Canada). He has a specialist’s designation in Plastic surgery which he obtained in 1997. As well, he fulfills the continuing education requirements of the Royal College to maintain his specialist’s designation.

  • Is your surgery facility accredited?

    Surgery is performed in a state-of-art private surgical facility. It has received the highest accreditation from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. Additionally, your care is provided away from the hospital and with utmost privacy.

  • Do you charge a consultation fee?

    A cosmetic consultation is $80.00. You may wish to get a referral from your family physician. Should you, you would not be charged this amount.

  • What type of anaesthesia do you use?

    Cosmetic breast surgery, abdominoplasty and liposuctioning are done under general anaesthesia. Facial cosmetic surgery is done under “twilight” anaesthesia. You are not fully asleep for facial cosmetic surgery but you have no pain during the procedure and you will not remember it. CoolSculpting and Injection Lipolysis require no anaesthesia.

  • Who is the anaesthetist?

    Dr. Rico Liolli provides anaesthesia. He is the Chief of Anaesthesia at Windsor Regional Hospital. He practices at Windsor Regional Hospital when he is not providing services with Dr. Niessen.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept cash or certified cheques. We also offer financing with MediCard and CreditMedical. You may contact them directly at:

    Medicard 1-866-570-4281 or

    CreditMedical 1-866-570-4281 or

  • Can I have multiple procedures done at the same time?

    You may combine two procedures. For example, cosmetic breast surgery and an abdominoplasty or alternatively, facial cosmetic surgery with cosmetic breast surgery or abdominoplasty or liposuctioning.

  • How long will I wait for a surgery date?

    Waiting periods for surgery are variable. It may be as little as few weeks but there are instances when you will have to wait several months. The time required for your procedure is a contributing factor. We are often able to accommodate short procedures more quickly.

  • How long will I be off work?

    Typically, patients having facial cosmetic surgery (facelift/necklift/InvisibleLift) can expect to be off work for one week. Patients with little physical demands at work can typically get back to work after cosmetic surgery in 48 hours. Patients that have more physical demands at work typically wait one week after cosmetic breast surgery before returning to work.

    Patients with a low demand physical job can return to work following abdominoplasty at approximately 2 weeks. More physically demanding jobs require 4 to 6 weeks off work. Patients having liposuctioning typically return to work in 48 hours. Patients who have CoolScultping or Injection Lipolysis my return back to work the same day.

  • What kind of breast implants do you use and what type should I get?

    Saline implants and cohesive silicone gel implants (“gummy bear”) are both available. Both are safe and superior products. Both are equally durable. You can advise Dr. Niessen of your preference and you and he will discuss what the best choice is for you.



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